Sean Morgan – Varsity Boy’s Head Coach



Professional: I teach the Healthcare Pathway in the Career Tech department. Previously, I worked in the healthcare field working with cardiac patients in a rehabilitation setting. I bring my healthcare skills from industry to the classroom to inspire healthcare minded students to gain new skills for post- secondary careers. This is my third year in education and I truly enjoy inspiring my students and encourage them all to “leave it better than you found it.”

Coaching/Experience: I have been involved in various settings with soccer since my days as a high school student. I earned my Varsity spot as starting goalkeeper at Lowndes High School before the end of my sophomore year. My soccer years beyond high school were a winding road: a walk-on to a short- lived stretch with a D1 soccer team, college club team, and intramurals. After graduating from college, I participated in the ever-famous Sunday League, which I continue to play the beautiful game. Paralleling my Professional career, I bring my personal “field” experience with soccer to pass it on to the talented soccer players of Northview. My style of coaching focuses not only the game of soccer, but life. I take pride in the responsibility to be part of the personal development of my players to become a respectful and upstanding adult. My philosophy is based on “finish strong” and “always end on a good note.”